Regret or Worrying

THOUGHT on REGRET OR WORRY: There is no greater waste of time in life then regret or worry. In terms of regret, the moment has passed and cannot be brought back. Therefore spending time second guessing and feeling regret is a waste of energy. As far as energy drainers are concerned there are very few that do a better job then regret & worrying. In fact, when you are in the grips of regret, there is very little else you are able to do or think about. Technically, it is a level of depression. You will feel much better when you act with confidence and beleive in what you did or said. Even if everyone else thinks your wrong or crazy, that is when you must be most confident. This is primarily true when the act has alread been done and decision made. It cannot be changed. Therefore, that is when you must be confident in your decision. Why undercut your self? There will be plenty of others who will seek to criticize your decision. That is when you must stay strong and confident.

By: Alexander Perchekly

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