Perception By: Alexander Perchekly

Perception is key in life.  It is primarily important when you want people to believe things about you which may not necessarily/ actually be true. For example, you spread papers all over your office and make a great big mess, people who come in will immediately think your busy. Whether you touched any of these documents in months is not important. When you clean up, you will be asked whether you need more work or accused of doing nothing by other employees. If you fail to do something, you can blame it on being to busy. You can’t do that unless you are sending the correct perception.

The greatest danger about perception is when you actually are doing your job but sending the wrong perception, I.e. Being efficient and having a clean desk. The perception you are sending is of doing nothing but you are actually busy and doing your job. Perception will win and you will not get credit for your hard work. This is primarily from other co-workers/employees. To the boss you could substantiate what you are doing, but to other employees who are on the same level as you, one will not necessarily start explaining in detail. Therefore, the perception you send is as important as the quality of your work.

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