Parts of an Insurance Policy By: Alexander Perchekly

There is generally 5 parts to an Insurance Policy:

a) Declarations– This section of the insurance policy includes the name, address, policy period, coverage amounts, deductibles, premiums and endorsements.

b) Insuring Agreement– This section, which in broad terms describes the coverage provided by the insurance contract.  This section is where you find the promise to pay by the insurance company.

c) Conditions– This section sets forth the rights, duties & responsibilities of both parties to the agreement.

d) Exclusions– This section outlines the limitations and/or restrictions of the coverage granted by the insuring agreement.

e) Definitions– Explains the terms used in the insurance policy.

It is important to read and understand each of these sections to make sure you are properly insured.

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By:  Alexander Perchekly

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