Consultation and evaluation of your assets and insurance needs.

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This brokerage offers a broad range of risk management expertise through insurance products to make sure that our corporate and individual clients are properly protected.

We offer personalized, accessible service to meet the exacting and often technical needs of our clients.  We are also committed to providing exceptional value to our clients by addressing each matter in an efficient and pragmatic manner, with a view to the client's objectives and needs.  We take pride in our ability to achieve this necessary balance of experience, skill, efficiency, and creativity.

In short, our philosophy is to provide the highest quality service, in a timely and efficient manner, with careful attention to the practical aspects of every transaction.  Our size allows us to provide personalized service; our experience and expertise allow us to provide those services with a high level of sophistication and professionalism.



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One disaster can derail years of success.  It can be easily prevented by being properly insured.  After "Sandy", businesses were closed for over a month without any income.  That can put a business into bankruptcy.  However, a business properly insured wouldn't be impacted by such a disaster at all.